Rules and dress code

Rules and Dress Code


Lodestar have a simple but strict uniform, as pupils are not with us long term.

Whilst at Lodestar school pupils must wear:

  • A plain white shirt or polo neck with no logo
  • Plain black or grey trousers or skirts ( mid length)
  • A plain black non hooded jumper or cardigan
  • Plain black comfortable shoes or plain black trainers

We would suggest that your child has separate appropriate clothing for physical education.

Not permitted in school:

  • Hooded Jumpers
  • Hats/ caps
  • Coats worn inside
  • Jewellery excepting small studs
  • Excessive make up in Key stage 3&4

Should a child arrive at school in non-compliance clothing the school reserves the right to refuse entry to their classroom, and parents may be contacted to request that they bring suitable attire to the school.


A full policy regarding the Lodestar rules and behaviour management systems can be found on our Policies page.

Here is a brief summary:

  • Wear the correct school uniform
  • No caps/hats/hoods in school
  • Hand in Phones and MP3/ Music Player on arrival (these are kept in individual cases in the office until home time)
  • Not bring energy drinks or other fizzy/sugary drinks into school
  • Not smoke anywhere on or around the site (including e-cigarettes/vapes)
  • Arrive at lessons on time
  • Start lessons when asked to
  • Listen to and follow instructions
  • Be polite to other pupils and staff
  • Use good language/kind words and show respect to other pupils and staff
  • Allow others to work
  • Remain in the classroom throughout the lesson
  • Eat and drink at break times only (except water)
  • Respect the building and equipment