Pupils leadership team

Pupil Leadership Team

Lodestar pupil's effort, progress and achievement is recognised through opportunities to take leadership roles within the school.

These roles give pupils who have demonstrated positive change higher levels of responsibility, and offer important learning experiences and opportunities to influence the Lodestar community.

Roles vary in size and responsibilities, and are carefully matched to pupils.

Primary Roles:

  • Lunch Co-ordinator
  • School Council Member
  • Premises Lead
  • Equipment Lead
  • Anti-Bullying Champion

Secondary Roles:

  • Lunch Co-ordinator
  • Primary supporter
  • Displays Team
  • School Council Member
  • School Council Lead
  • Quality Improvement Team
  • Peer Mentor
  • Anti-Bullying Champion

Parents of pupils awarded a role within the leadership teams will receive notification of their child’s excellent progress with details of what their role duties are.

All leadership roles can be removed from pupils if any demonstration of inappropriate behaviour occurs.