Lodestar have two types of exam.

The first is our initial and progress assessment.

The initial assessment is completed within the first few weeks of attending the school, and are done either individually or in very small groups, and in quiet areas. These assessments cover the main areas of English and Mathematics, and are used to ensure pupils are set work across the curriculum at the correct level for them. This maximises the engagement of pupils as they are stimulated at the correct level for learning.

A progress assessment* is then done prior to pupils moving to their next educational setting to ensure that we can pass on up to date information about the pupils levels and skills.

*Please note that no re-test is completed on any pupil who has been with us for less than 3 months.*

The second is formal assessment for qualifications.

For English and Maths Lodestar offers Key stage 3 & 4 opportunities to gain qualifications from Entry level 1 up to Level 2

Unlike mainstream school Lodestar is able to run exams frequently to allow our older pupils to sit an exam as soon as we feel they are capable of passing.

Some other qualifications currently being built into the Lodestar Frameworks are assessed via portfolios of evidence, allowing our pupils to gain qualification credits without entering into multiple exams.