Parental involvement strategy

Parental Involvement Strategy

Research has shown that the more their parents support a child, the better the child’s chances of success are. However, this is not always easy! Parents of children with challenging behaviours are often tired, at the end of their tether, and find giving even more support incredibly hard.

At Lodestar we understand this, and aim to make it easier for parents to be involved through supporting the family holistically, and ensuring that we are approachable and easy for parents to talk to.

As a parent of a Lodestar pupil you can expect:

  • Termly reports
  • Termly invitations to attend a teacher and parent meeting
  • Half termly attendance reports
  • E-learning support drop in sessions for parents
  • Regular update calls from your child’s key staff team
  • Access to staff for meetings at your request as needed
  • Restorative family conferences if required
  • Access to the Pastoral Lead Team and/or Head of Centre if you are concerned about your child

You can find a full copy of our parental involvement strategy on our Policies page.