Support Lodestar

Support Lodestar

Lodestar welcomes and appreciates support from the local businesses and the community in the form of donations of equipment, guest speakers, volunteers and interesting experiences for our young people.

Our pupils benefit hugely from ‘outside the classroom’ experiences, and these will often be provided or supported by the generosity of the local community.

Currently Lodestar are keen to hear from persons and organisations that can support our pupils with:

  • Community Projects
  • Environmental Projects (particularly those involving gardening/produce growing)
  • Artistic demonstrations
  • Guest Speakers
  • Physical education equipment / hall access / instructors
  • Engaging workshops
  • Reading books for all ages

Lodestar would like to thank the following organisations for supporting us:

Our thanks for the kind donation of learning resources for our primary children from Gill Building.

Our appreciation for support from The Kings Centre Gt Yarmouth Cafe, who are working to provide meals for our pupils on a non-profit basis.

Many thanks to Rachael Wright of Lingwood for the kind donation of children's books for the Lodestar library.

Lodestar are pleased to have received 40 books for our 11 - 14 year olds, from Book Trust. Our thanks for your support.

MP Chloe Smith for the kind donation of furniture to Lodestar School.

Val-U-Computers for the kind discount and flexibility to assist us with our IT requirements.

Our ongoing thanks to the local members of the community who have offered books, toys and craft materials for our pupils.