Close Up Of Mother And Daughter Leaving For School

We recognise that children and young people need a variety of experiences to enable them to build skills, and that opportunities for learning out of the classroom are instrumental in providing these experiences.

Often it is within these experiences that our pupils find a new talent, strength or enjoyment – or even face challenges which leave them feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Lodestar staff are able to take pupils on off-site excursions in line with Norfolk County Council regulations.

A full copy of our Off Site Learning Policy can be found on our Policies page.

Permission for local 'regular' off site provisions is sought from parents during initial registration.

Permission for any other activities is sought prior to pupils attending. No pupil can attend an excursion without the necessary permission from parents.

Lodestar may request that parents contribute financially to any trip deemed not essential to meeting the needs of the curriculum.

All trips and excursions required within the curriculum are wholly subsidised by the school for all pupils.