All pupils must be notified as absent by a parent or carer by 9.30am on the first day of absence, and each consecutive day unless otherwise advised by the school administrator. Lodestar has a responsibility to monitor the attendance of its pupils and report regular and concerning absences to Norfolk County Council.

To report your child as absent please contact the school via telephone on 07919 303099.

Register of pupils’ admission to school: The registers for Lodestar pupils are kept by appropriate school staff on a secure data system, and in locked cabinets within the school office.

Register of pupils’ attendance: The registers are kept and updated daily by appropriate school staff. Daily registers are updated on a secure data system in compliance with upcoming Data Protection changes for 2018.

The school has a designated Data Protection Lead who ensures compliance with current Data Protection Act (1998) and managing the upcoming Data Protection Legislation changes (2018).